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  • Foldable Dish Drainer-Super Useful Store-Kitchen
  • Foldable Dish Drainer-Super Useful Store-Kitchen
  • Foldable Dish Drainer-Super Useful Store-Kitchen
  • Foldable Dish Drainer-Super Useful Store-Kitchen
  • Foldable Dish Drainer-Super Useful Store-Kitchen
  • Foldable Dish Drainer-Super Useful Store-Kitchen
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Super Useful Store

Foldable Dish Drainer

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Foldable Dish Drainer Stainless Sink Drain Basket Large Size Silicone Drying Rack Kitchen Accessories Organizer Vegetable Fruit


  • Material: silica gel for outer edge, stainless steel for inner umbrella stand
  • Size and weight:
  • 15 tube 30 * 37 cm
  • 18 tube 35 * 37 cm
  • 20 tube 40 * 47 cm
  • colors: black, gray


  • Multi-functional kitchen shelves are non-skid and environmentally friendly glassware, tableware, etc.
  • Roll up the clothes-hanger to keep heat resistant and a tripod to serve the hot bowl for you.
  • Silicone fringe sink tray rack can easily clean water and put it in the dishwasher is very durable and rust resistant.
  • Size fits most sinks can be cut into two if you need a small non-slip mat to fit in your kitchen.
  • The steel vegetable box clothes hanger can be rolled up countless times with different easily broken plastics.


  • it is normal for silica gel material to have a little taste, and you can wipe it with salt water

Package Included:

  • 1* silica gel asphalt shelf

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eldora Luettgen

This is one of the best, most useful, greatest things I've ever bought for my kitchen. I have limited counter space requiring a small dish drainer. I wanted this to be able to use it for big pots, like my instant pot liner. Works great for that, but now I also use it to drain washed vegetables & fruits, sit my sponge on it to dry quicker, and overflow from the dish drainer. At first I kept it rolled up to the side, which is very easy, but now I have it fully unrolled most of the time because it's so easy & convenient there. It has silicone end pieces, so it doesn't slip around. I also use it when I want to defrost something, or when I need to cool something just out of the oven, like a pie, or just set a hot pot on it that might burn the counter. This is a terrific item with many uses. Very sturdy stainless rods won't rust and the silicon covered ends keep it from damaging sink porcelain. Well thought out and kudos to the inventor that thought of this design.

Sabryna Jast

Well, this is as cool as I'd hoped it would be. I have a small kitchen, by design -- no room for drying rack on the counter. This works great! Super easy to roll up and stash when not in use. Lighter than I expected, as the stainless rods appear to be hollow, but they still seem to be strong. The black silicon is very flexible, yet thick enough to make me think it will last well. I bought the smallest one, which covers half of my sink perfectly. As I intend to use it for clean dishes, I don't expect it to get dirty, but its sleekness makes it seem easy to wash, & I imagine it could even go in the dishwasher. I would and have recommended it to friends and family. I may even buy another one in case they aren't available when I finally wear this one out.

Lafayette Hagenes

I love this thing. It fits over one side of my sink either way. It's a great way to let dishes dry to give you a little more counter space. It's much heavier and more sturdy than I expected. It rolls up small and can be easily stored. Watch your fingers when you roll it up, it can pinch if you aren't paying attention.

Thomas Bode

I love the roll up dish drying rack! I installed a huge, 9" deep, one-basin sink and putting my dish drain in the sink didn't work. I needed something to lift it off the bottom of the sink so the dishes I just washed didn't keep getting wet in my dish drain as I used the rest of the sink. You can see by my attached photos that the Surpahs drying rack works perfectly to support my dish drain which allows the dishes to dry and yet I can still squirt water underneath it when I need to. Works so well, I pat myself on my back for finding this clever solution!